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In this series we’ve taken a deep dive into The Lacek Group’s Personalization Engine.  This technology-agnostic framework guides brands that want to plan and develop personalization capabilities and, today, nearly every brand does. Why? Because customers expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations. By delivering messaging that recognizes and addresses personalization, a brand demonstrates its commitment to providing the experiences customers demand.

However, delivering message personalization at scale can be overwhelming given the coordination needed among data, technology, and business objectives. Employing a framework to meet that challenge is critical. Fortunately, our Personalization Engine breaks down this complexity into six stages.


This framework can help your brand deploy personalization inside your own organization. Use it to evaluate your current processes, capabilities, and technologies. From there, create a plan to pinpoint focus, prioritize technology investment, and coordinate team efforts. And, if you need help, please reach out. The Lacek Group is ready whenever you are to help rev up your personalization engine.

This post was written and published by Julie Bustos at The Lacek Group. To learn more, visit


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