Loyalty in Health Care: The Next Big Thing


Stethoscope laying on fabric in black and white

Now, more than ever, most of us are personally and increasingly engaged in our own health care. Like hunting for a new car, a major appliance, or even a restaurant, we shop for health care. We research conditions and symptoms online, ask friends and family members for physician and hospital recommendations, check ratings and reviews, explore healthcare offerings in various settings, and compare costs by contacting facilities. In short, we’re savvy healthcare consumers, seeking out the best health care, and desiring affordability, convenience, and a personalized approach.

Now is the time for healthcare providers and payers to move the overlapping topics of healthcare consumerism and the retailing of health care a step further into patient loyalty. There’s an opportunity for everyone, from providers and payers, to medtech and pharma. Read our whitepaper to learn why the time is right to implement a loyalty strategy.

This post was written and published by our Tess MacGibbon at The Lacek Group. To learn more, visit www.lacek.com


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