The Best of Both Worlds: Loyalty Marketing and CX


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Customer experience as a topic has dominated thought leadership in trade magazines, blogs, and consulting publications the past few years. Popularly known as CX, this strategic management monolith has the potential to meet the ever-increasing expectations of consumers, with interactions that delight them, build loyalty, and distinguish brands.

With CX’s all-encompassing scope (e.g., end-to-end journeys and omnichannel touch points), what does it mean for loyalty marketers—long responsible for the post-purchase customer journey, direct channels, and retention goals? How do they incorporate CX possibilities into their discipline? This tension can be released through the realization that both share the same goal: customer loyalty. CX creates a great opportunity for loyalty marketers and CX to partner on every step of the journey, to create unbreakable loyalty, and to unlock total customer value.

This post was written and published by Joe Rueckert at The Lacek Group. To learn more, visit


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