Here’s the short version:

Loyal customers want more connection with brands.

A loyal customer isn’t a forever customer. A recent global survey shows that recent events (like a pandemic or divisive politics) have changed the way people think about brand loyalty and what they expect from a modern program. They want to be recognized and rewarded. But they want more than just a transactional experience. If your loyalty program isn’t delivering on the idea of emotional loyalty, you’re likely to see more defections and lower ROI. Download the full report here. Then reach out to the loyalty agency the world’s most admired brands trust with their best customers: Ogilvy Experience. 

Here’s the long version:

The Changing Look of Loyalty
Loyalty: It's Not Just For Programs Anymore. Modernize your approach to create long-lasting brand loyalty.
Read more about Ogilvy’s approach to Total Loyalty in our whitepaper.
Loyalty: It;s not just for programs anymore
The changing landscape of customer loyalty demands whole-brain thinking. Check it out!
Are your (yawn!) loyalty rewards not (yaawn!) being redeemed?
Does your customer loyalty program achieve it’s intended objectives? Find out!

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