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We help brands navigate the end-to-end customer journey via a comprehensive suite of services.

Ogilvy Experience helps our clients define, design, build and operationalize every interaction with their customers and employees. This is how we help brands and people impact the world and the ultimate objective is always to drive measurable growth.

Full-Service Experience Offerings
  • Experience Strategy
  • Experience Creation
  • Experience Growth

Bring your vision to life.

How can we better understand our customers, create more impactful experience strategies and drive deeper loyalty?

Experience Strategy

  • Existing experience evaluation and maturity assessment

  • Initiative prioritization and roadmapping

  • Value mapping, ROI, and KPI modeling

  • Brand rooted experience vision and principles

  • Data-driven integrated strategy planning across technology, customer, brand and business

insights & intelligence

  • Primary research

  • Customer segmentation and behavioral journeys

  • Opportunity mapping

  • Third-party and predictive intelligence

  • Cognitive profiling, dimensions and behavioral science

CRM & Loyalty

  • CRM strategy and implementation

  • Loyalty program design, implementation and management

  • Communications planning and implementation

  • Personalization strategy and dynamic content design system

  • Partnership and Credit Card marketing

  • Total customer value management

Harness the power of experience.

How can we design and build modern customer-focused experiences leveraging the latest commerce and experience platforms to make a real impact?

Experience Design and Build

  • Design and product strategy

  • Usability testing

  • UX design, wireframes and IA

  • Content strategy and development

  • Rapid prototyping and Proof of Concept (POC)

  • Tech strategy and solution architecture

  • Web, mobile, and emerging interface development


  • Commerce product strategy and selection

  • Commerce growth strategy

  • DTC and social commerce

  • Omni-retail platforms and partnerships

  • In-store experience

  • Integrated commerce platform technology design, build, and operations

Experience Platforms

  • Marketing, content and technology platform strategy and selection

  • Information and solution architecture

  • Martech platform technology design, implementation, and operations

  • Platform, data source, and technology integration

Drive measurable success for your business.

How can we create powerful customer acquisition and retention programs and measure the effectiveness of our efforts?

Full Funnel Activation

  • Customer acquisition and retention program design and operations

  • Agile content creation, production, and marketing campaign execution

  • Paid media and SEO

  • Data management and execution

  • Measurement, optimization and KPI reporting

Data & Analytics

  • Data, analytics and measurement plan  strategy and design

  • Multivariate test effectiveness analytics

  • AI/ML

  • Attribution tracking and reporting

  • BI and data visualization

  • Enterprise data management

Client Successes
+ %
year-over-year increase in customers transacting through digital experiences
hours in time savings per quarter per employee by leveraging the digital experience
increase in usage of on-site features
billion transacted annually through digital experiences
of reviews are 4+ star and above
increase in business sales after new experiences launched

We’re different. And different is better.

To unlock the freedom to collaborate, explore, develop and find exactly the right solution, companies need a partner that can create transformative experiences that are wildly creative and highly differentiated in the market. This takes more than a multi-dimensional look at all client challenges. The greatest impact can be realized at the intersection of these four perspectives.

  • We focus on digging deep to understand your customers’ and/or employees’ unmet wants and needs.
  • We harness the power of data and technology – either what you have today or what you need to build – to ensure that you make the most of the platforms that are right for your business and your growth objectives.
  • We marry this with a rich understanding of your brand along with its role and purpose in the lives of your stakeholders to drive deeper relationships with your customers.
  • And we wrap all of this in a maniacal focus on the business, only developing experience-driven solutions that work exponentially to drive growth.


Creating unique brand experiences for growth


Ultimately focused on driving business value that transforms businesses


Leveraging rich human behavioral insights and understanding


Recognizing and capitalizing on possibilities now and into the future
Meet our leaders

Steve Soechtig

Global CEO

Mauro Caggiano


Jason Davey


Sheilen Rathod


Clare Lawson


Rajesh Midha

North America

Steve Soechtig

Global CEO

Mauro Caggiano


Jason Davey


Sheilen Rathod


Clare Lawson


Rajesh Midha

North America

Brands who establish an emotional connection grow revenue 2.5% faster.

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