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Growth Opportunity

Boots, the UK’s largest health and beauty retailer, was losing its luster with young consumers. The brand’s share in the under-35 age group had sunk to its lowest in years, thus putting the future of the brand at stake. Not only was there an immediate loss of revenue, but the brand also risked losing future high-value customers if connections weren’t built early on in a customer’s lifecycle.

Beauty is more than skin deep; it’s an exploration and expression of who you are.

Increase in ROI
new Boots X members
linked sales and £7m incremental sales
open rate on email
Our Solution

We created Boots X, an engagement platform that serves as the entry point for young beauty fans and their go-to sidekick for beauty. This platform inspires, excites, and supports their quest for self-exploration, self-confidence and identify. The Boots X platform provides a distinctive and compelling blend of engaging and inspiring beauty content, helpful tools, and unique benefits.

The content is embedded in the audience’s culture of Influencers, Instagram, and YouTube, building credibility and trust and highly visible in the channels that matter most to them.

Having built brand engagement, we then successfully encourage valuable purchase behaviors via personalized Advantage Card programs in the Boots app and email.

Three phones side by side with images of Boots offers on the screen
Collage of four images with Boots X in different colors with influencers behind the X

For Boots to be relevant, it had to inspire and support their vital quest for self-identity and self-expression. And do it in hyper-relevant channels.

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