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Growth Opportunity

Carnival Cruise Line, the world’s largest cruise line, was well positioned for growth. To reach their goals, the brand needed to attract new customers to the brand and bring back those with a love of cruising. And they had the perfect tool in their arsenal: data and loads of it.

We had to capture the emotions of a Carnival cruise that are unique to specific audiences and create personalized communications throughout the lifecycle journey.

Higher response rate than prior campaigns to past guests
more bookings
fewer direct mailers
lift in demand generation via look-a-like modeling
Our Solution

Together, we conducted in-depth-interviews to capture the emotional side of cruising that is unique to specific audiences. We learned that everyone was looking for a “fun” experience but that how they defined fun was often unique. Leveraging this new-found insight coupled with existing customer data, we created personalized communications specific to audience and their unique journeys.  This “personalization at scale” effort was made possible through the help of industry-leading Martech platforms and custom coding.

Computer screen with Carnival Cruise website on screen
Cruise ship with water in the foreground

From the moment a new-to-brand prospect books Carnival, they become a potential life-long customer of the brand.

collage of photos with Carnival Cruise ads

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