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Growth Opportunity

It’s no secret that customers love Chick-fil-A. But this love meant long lines and lost sales as customers turned away, sometimes before even parking. Through excellent process engineering and industry-leading training programs, Chick-fil-A’s kitchen could operate far faster than the front of house could take orders. To drive continued growth, America’s favorite restaurant needed to find a way to increase same-store sales without adding headcount or performing expensive remodels.

Loyalty in the QSR space is hard to earn. But when it comes to Chick-fil-A, there’s a special kind of love that exists between the company and its customers. To combat customer frustration at the long wait times, we had to go beyond the physical stores and create a new (and at the time, industry leading) ability to get food fast from Chick-fil-A. And in 2013 when no other brands were offering mobile solutions, the brand decided to go first. Literally. 


2 million reviewers and counting and a multi-year consistent 4+ star rating

downloads in the first month
increase in same store sales
increase in order sizes
category penetration
Our Solution

Together, we created a GPS-enabled, first-of-its-kind mobile ordering experience with simple menu navigation and preferred pickup selection. Restaurants would be notified of an order when customers were en-route to the store – ensuring no meal was ever cold and long wait times could be avoided. Some locations even provided dedicated mobile pick-up spots to help reduce indoor and drive-thru lines.

Leveraging customer data, we were able to provide personalized experiences that kept track of customers’ favorite stores, favorite orders and more. Including a “surprise and delight” loyalty program that allowed Chick-fil-A to offer, for free, new items to customers, to broaden exposure to the menu. And simple suggestions and easy ordering increased ticket size. The Chick-fil-A mobile experience has set the standard in the QSR space, and many others have followed.

Solving a queueing problem at stores with a mobile experience that gets you to your favorite meal fast.

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