Loyalty As A Standard

Driving loyalty, engagement, and retention.

Growth Opportunity

Ford, a category leader in both sales and retention, faced increased and new competition, from electric cars, autonomous vehicles, mobility trends, and the realization of a “connected customer”. Retention rates had shown signs of decline, and Ford was looking for ways to recognize, incentivize, reward, and maintain its owners. Ford knew they needed to focus not just on the vehicle, but on the driver. They knew their opportunity lay in understanding and optimizing their customer experience/journey to create a more engaged and loyal customer base.

Growth would come from developing versatile, flexible communications and a platform that provided tangible economic value to the members, Ford, and dealers alike.

new members in just 2 years
of U.S. dealers enrolled in the program (over 3,100 dealers)
increase in NPS score
higher service retention rates resulting in hundreds of millions of incremental dollars annually
Our Solution

Ford knew that customer loyalty was vital to their future growth. They wanted to find new ways to recognize, incentivize, reward, and retain its customers. But the landscape of car buying is complex, with multiple stakeholders, and minimal customer touchpoints.

Our response: FordPass Rewards and Lincoln Access Rewards, two best-in-class loyalty platforms that leveraged a universal currency (can be used at any dealer) with flexible earning and redemption options. Ogilvy researched, designed, built, and launched these platforms for Ford and Lincoln and continue to evolve the platforms to drive enhanced engagement and increased brand loyalty. Each include rigorous member segmentation, profiling, modeling, and scoring to ensure optimization of messages, offers, and overall program performance. We enjoy deep integration with third-party vendors, other agencies, internal Ford technology, data, and operational groups, as well as several internal Ford communication tools.

Yellow Ford Car in forrest with mist surrounding trees
Blue ford car driving down road with concrete barriers

By supporting both the rational and emotional facets of the consumer experience, Ford was able to overcome the trust and relationship challenges experienced by other competing brands.

Three phones with Ford emails on screen
Ford Rewards authenticated dashboard hero

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