Formula 1

A Season of Stories

Building a community of fans.

Growth Opportunity

F1 has millions of global TV viewers but no direct relationship with fans. There was no ecosystem to engage fans, understand their desires, and create better value services. Television reach was no longer enough. If the brand could find a way to build direct relationships with fans, it could unlock growth and gain access to first-party data that could transform the business.

As the fans engaged, we listened, learned and served back more of what they wanted.

Increase in sales
value per fan uplift
return on investment
Our Solution

Social listening and fan panels confirmed our suspicion. Fans do not see themselves as customers and standard CRM efforts were not going to break through to this audience. For both hardcore and casual fans, a direct line to the drivers, teams, and the sport overall was mandatory. The brand needed to behave like an entertainment brand to truly connect.

We built an F1 community and established an emotional connection with fans beginning with content and free value-added services. We earned the engagement and trust of fans before asking them to subscribe for personalized experiences and customized offers. Each race became an episode in an unmissable drama series, leveraging the drivers, managers, and circuits as the characters. We guided fans into the world through an F1 insider viewpoint. Explainers and ‘story-so-far’ updates brought the stories to life through a hyper-responsive email, push, and overlay programs.

Essentially, we leveraged fan relationship marketing to create long-term engagement and brand building while also providing the ideal context and content for sales activation. A weekly cycle of data enables us to risk a series of innovations that can be tested for relevance against audience data. New services become an extension of fandom and community engagement built on first party data. Innovation becomes business as usual.

Collage of phones with Formula One emails on the screen
Close up shot of Charles LeClerc looking off into distance
“Since we started our partnership with Ogilvy they have helped us building up our direct-to-fan ecosystem, they are the lead with both fans and business direct acquisition for F1 and have been key to driving our F1 TV OTT service across the globe. This has transformed the way we do things and made fans more valuable to F1 with impressive returns on our audience investment. We have done this all at the speed of F1 and the agency are delivering commercial value as well as awards in creativity and effectiveness.”
– Ellie Norman, F1 Director of Marketing and Communications
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