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Growth Opportunity

Fast fashion in China, especially among the younger generations, is booming. As young people establish their own fashion style and individual personalities, they look for sources of inspiration and confirmation. But there are many choices in the fast-fashion category. Decisions on what to wear and where to buy are an emotional mine-field. Much more so for younger generations who see fashion as a personal statement – one that hugely affects confidence and peer acceptance. Fortunately, H&M is a leading brand and is central to this movement, but the competition continues to remain high.

By connecting comms and sales touchpoint, we captured consumers behavior and purchase preference. This meant we could offer a 1:1 approach to determining a personal style, that would drive sustained growth.

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Our Solution

From the start we realized the role for peer-validation in establishing confidence in their purchase and ultimately their own unique style. To meet this need, we created the H&M personal stylist, a multi-faceted WeChat service account that delivers real value to the young Chinese fashion-conscious audience. This program offers access to the H&M styling community to share all things fashion, to be inspired, and to engage. It also offers access to the H&M loyalty club that gives incentives for social interaction and purchases.

We provided a complete set of services with a focus around consumer data from designing UTM rules and mini-program tags for data tracking, to data integration, cleansing and standardization. Through the deployment of a user preference model and automated journey within OneX, customized content is delivered seamlessly and in a timely fashion. Real-time first party consumer profiles, content preference, behavioral and transactional data are visualized via BI tools.

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To ensure the H&M offering was differentiated and yet universally accepted, we used user generated styling content and outfit construction, that by definition, enabled confidence in the purchase and the brand.

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