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Growth Opportunity

As luxury jewelry brands moved to tell their stories online, Mikimoto’s location-focused digital strategy no longer telegraphed their story of innovation and luxury consistently to their new and emerging markets. The fragmented architectural landscape of platforms and partners made local websites difficult to update and ultimately began to dilute Mikimoto’s brand value globally. ​

Without a strong, consistent brand narrative, targeting and acquisition of an already limited audience resulted in less qualified traffic driving to their e-commerce websites. And the websites themselves needed to transform from adjacent digital commerce channels to digital boutiques, whose experiences rivalled those in store. To drive significant digital growth, we knew we had to bring these experiences to life.​

An emerging class of luxury customers expected a new experience that would be available to them whether they were browsing while next door to a boutique or from thousands of miles away. ​

year-over-year increase in incremental revenue
of all transactions and U.S. ecommerce revenue attributed to paid media channels
geographically specific sites
Our Solution

Our iterative experience design process produced a new digital expression and design language for the iconic luxury brand. Subsequent review with prospective, next-generation customers supported refinements to the experience and confirmed our original findings.

At the same time, our analysis revealed that the existing paradigm of non-aligned licensing costs, overhead tied to managing multiple platforms, and inconsistent data tracking would not be able to support the growth ambitions of a new customer experience. Our successful implementation of a consolidated global commerce architecture, based on Adobe Magento, ensured that localized experiences, data tracking, and inventory management could be centralized.

The new Mikimoto global digital presence powers multi-language experiences in Japan, UK, USA, France, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Each e-commerce enabled region consistently offers the white-glove service that Mikimoto is famous for, including in-boutique appointment booking and custom engraving.

Man wearing pearls looking at camera with pearls in fist
Two phones featuring Mikimoto website on screen

Pairing on-site contextual customer inquiry in Tokyo and Los Angeles alongside quantitative analysis of digital customer intent, we uncovered specific opportunities to engage customers who never intend to set foot in a physical Mikimoto boutique.

Two people wearing pearls staring at camera in black and white
Four phones with Mikimoto website on the screen.

Mikimoto’s new web experiences provide superior access to their unique product and introduce the brand’s storied heritage to a new class of luxury buyers. The 8 geographically specific sites provide a uniform experience on desktop and a much-improved experience for mobile shoppers. ​

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