The Empathy Formula

Empowering parents through community.

Growth Opportunity

From the minute they know they are expecting, parents become a highly-valuable target for every baby brand out there. Infant Nutrition in particular is a highly competitive market, with Nestlé being the oldest Infant Nutrition brand and today owning a portfolio of brands across the world.

Nestlé Infant Nutrition brands were all fighting separately to win with parents but struggled to connect with parents in the early stages of pregnancy (which is when many parents make decisions about infant nutrition), due to the WHO formula milk advertising code which restricts advertising for early-stage products. We identified that if we could bring the individual brands together and create a parenting platform, we could build trust across the portfolio. We knew uplifting brand trust in pregnancy would uplift market share by up to 4% in some markets.

Parents make emotional decisions about the brands they trust for their baby.

parents served per year worldwide
of users purchase products from the brand
Our Solution

Search analysis shows that new parents have thousands of questions. Every brand in this space has taken the same approach to answer these questions: content. But simply answering these questions is not be enough to win trust.

To differentiate we needed to go beyond merely providing content, to uncover the deeper needs of parents, so we commissioned the Modern Parenting Index to look deeply at the stresses and challenges of parenting today. We unlocked a box of hidden pressures from society and social media that were piling on the stress of parenting and leading parents to doubt themselves.

We realized the need for real empathy for the pressures on parents, and that what they needed to remove some of this stress was to feel more confident in their own parenting choices. This was not going to be accomplished by any one brand, but rather the collective of Nestlé brands and an all-new platform that was not focused on selling products.

Two phones with Nestle Baby & Me app
Baby with dark hair and eyes staring at camera

Nestlé Baby&Me as a service brand, that focused not on products but on empowering confident parenting.

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