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Growth Opportunity

SEAT wanted to stand out in the 2016 Paris Motor Show and present its latest Ateca model in a unique way. The idea was to use cutting-edge technology to delve into the potential buyer’s mind and differentiate their cars from others on the market.

SEAT went beyond the mainstream practices of form-based car configurators, by creating a neuro-configurator that focuses on the brain responses to specific stimuli.

leads generated for trial
potential customers tried the configurator during the two-week event
Our Solution

To really stand out at the Motor Show, the brand needed to do something very different. In collaboration with a neuroscience startup, we developed a neuro-configurator that, based on people’s neurophysiological reaction to specific stimuli, personalized the configuration of the Ateca model for each visitor. 

This helped us discover what potential car buyers really wanted and specifically pay attention to consumer’s emotions, cognition, and behavior. Through neuroscientific techniques, we were able to measure Paris Motor Show visitors’ reactions to selected videos and images. By analyzing it all, SEAT could quantify emotional, behavioral, and cognitive states inaccessible to the reflexive mind.

Thanks to this innovation, SEAT was able to recommend to potential car buyers a specific Ateca according to their personality while creating a buzz in the Paris event.

Car dashboard with radio stations shown with futuristic lights across screen
Woman with a headset viewing screen with car on it

The person’s brain activity, electrical activity on the skin and heart rate determined their personality traits (adventurous, perfectionist, independent…) analyzing how active-relaxed, social-intimate, innovative-classic they were.

What Do You Really Want?
Hand laying flat on sensor in the shape of a hand
Screens shown that state "your personality is adventurous" and "I am evaluating the data to configure the seat ateca best suited to your personality"

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